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Beginner Scene Study -- 45 minutes (ages 7-9)

In this class, students study plays, scenes, monologues and improvisation. The goal of this class is to familiarize our students with AGE APPROPRIATE material. They will perform live in several scenes and an optional monologue at the year-end Variety Show. This is a wonderful introduction to acting for the young performer.

Intermediate and Teen Scene Study / TV / Film --
90 minutes (ages 10 and up)

The first half of class is spent working on monologues, scenes from comedic and dramatic plays, and improvisation. The next 45 minutes are spent working on scenes from movies & television that are videotaped with professional movie cameras in class or on location.  Students are taught techniques specific to working in front of the camera.  Class work is then screened at our Red Carpet Night for Film/TV students during the year, and again with additional scenes at the year-end Variety Show.  This is a must class for any performer. 

Musical Theatre -- 60 minutes (ages 7 and up)

This class is for the person who loves to sing and dance! Learn songs from Broadway shows and then stage them! Each class starts with a vocal warm up.  Students are taught the song lyrics and music, including harmonies and solos. Then, depending on the song, the number is either staged or choreographed. The Vocal Teacher/Pianist, Dance Teacher/Choreographer and Director all work with the students to help them understand and interpret the songs so they learn to tell the story that's within each song. Advanced students will also get to learn the original choreography for many of the numbers. A MUST for the student striving to be a Triple Threat!
Teen Master Class & Theatre Dance -- 75 minutes (ages 14 and up)

Teen Master Class: A master dance class for our teen performers frequently taught by guest artist teachers from NYC. It is a Theater Dance-focused class.  You must get approval from Gene or Jenn Forman to join this class.
Ballet for the Actor

Ballet is the foundation of all dance and will help performers with basic dance techniques and grace on stage. This class consists of a warm up at the barre, combinations across the floor and in the center, all with live piano accompaniment.

Tap Dance -- 60 minutes (all ages)

Beginner Tap: An introduction to Tap for the Actor. A great way for performers to become more rhythmic, as you are making your own "music" with your feet. Also, a great type of dance for both male and female performers to have under their belts. Both traditional and "street" tap will be taught in this class. 


Intermediate and Teen Tap are for our more advanced Tap students.  Students learn more complex tap steps and combinations, building up to learning an entire number.


Hip Hop -- 60 minutes (all ages)

Dance Like the Stars!!!  These classes are taught by a certified and highly experienced Hip Hop Dancer. 


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