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Growth in the Arts

I wouldn't be where I am if I didn't have such a great mentor in my life and a place to feel comfortable and grow as an artist. I've had an amazing experiences here at Pace, but I will never forget the little haven on Long Island that gave me a shot and the man who made it all happen. Thanks Geno!

Justin Hart, former student (Also studied at the Performing Arts Department of Pace University)


Life Lessons and Incredible Friendships

I owe it all to STS, especially Gene.  All of the classes, workshops and shows have prepared me so much for performing beyond high school.  I feel like it has given me such a head start into this world.  If I may say to all STS students, PLEASE do not take for granted the time you get to spend at that studio!!!!  I have learned life lessons there, honed my skills there and made incredible friendships there, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about it and appreciate these things.

And to have been able to do more than 10 shows under Gene's direction was truly a blessing.  I could never thank him enough for changing my life the way he did.

Love STS with all my heart.  Hope to visit soon!!!!!!

Asia Lupo, former student (currently on tour with The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told)


Anything that Gene does is top of the line in my book!!

Jennifer Brownson Boyer, Greenlawn


I am so thrilled that my daughters have the opportunity with study with Gene, Jenn and their wonderful teachers. Their energy and talent are infectious, motivating and will raise the level of performance for any child entering the program. My husband and I are still amazed at the quality of "Footloose" after only 12 rehearsals in the summer intensive. We look forward to a fantastic year of music, dance and laughter.

Laurie (and Cary) Friedman, East Northport


Though my son is very talented, he is easily misunderstood because of his quiet nature.  Gene saw through that.  He understood his sensitive nature and took him to the next level in his talent development.  Gene and Jenn are exactly what my son needed to really excel in his future as a superstar.  I can hardly wait to see the Oscar acceptance speech when Jakeim Hart will thank Gene for believing in him and showing him the way.  My humble and sincerest personal thanks to Gene and Jenn for their help and hearts.

Jan Hart, Huntington 


Contagious Fun

My oldest son had been with Stage to Screen since it started with its first summer program, and now he works professionally with the studio.  All he ever wanted to do is act!  I watched as he blossomed into a well-rounded actor and person!  My younger son saw all the fun his big brother was having and decided he wanted in!  After participating in the summer program he decided he loves acting just as much and decided to participate for the full year!   All kids have the chance to shine and show how talented they are!  Gene is able to see what is special inside each and every student! It is a program full of fun, excitement, learning, intense acting and most of all, a place where a child can feel like part of something special!  Gene is a great teacher and mentor for all kids and I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future!

Gail Deoquino, East Northport



Best school ever :)

Briana, student

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